Adding new node error

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    getting below error after adding a new node. How we can solve it?

    [08-31-17 11:46:58 pm] * Starting Image Replication.
    [08-31-17 11:46:58 pm] * We are group ID: 1. We are group name: default
    [08-31-17 11:46:58 pm] * We are node ID: 1. We are node name: DefaultMember
    [08-31-17 11:46:58 pm] * Attempting to perform Group -> Group image replication.
    [08-31-17 11:46:58 pm] | Replicating postdownloadscripts
    [08-31-17 11:46:58 pm] * Found Image to transfer to 1 node
    [08-31-17 11:46:58 pm] | File Name: postdownloadscripts
    [08-31-17 11:47:01 pm] * Type: 2, File: /var/www/html/fog/lib/fog/fogftp.class.php, Line: 463, Message: ftp_login(): Login incorrect., Ho
    st:, Username: fog

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    @msi Yep looks good now.

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    @george1421 I think its working now… what happen, I updated the node while updating the node IP. The password field was changed to just password (not encrypted one). Below is the latest, please let me know if this is what I should see:

    Every 2.0s: tail fogreplicator.log

    [09-01-17 12:07:04 am] | 8431531 0 /images/Win10-2.1/d1p3.img
    [09-01-17 12:07:04 am] | Files do not match.
    [09-01-17 12:07:04 am] * Deleting remote file:
    [09-01-17 12:07:04 am] | 14474904492 0 /images/Win10-2.1/d1p4.img
    [09-01-17 12:07:04 am] | Files do not match.
    [09-01-17 12:07:04 am] * Deleting remote file:
    [09-01-17 12:07:04 am] * Starting Sync Actions
    [09-01-17 12:07:04 am] | CMD:
    lftp -e ‘set xfer:log 1; set xfer:log-file “/opt/fog/log/fogreplicator.Win10-2.1.transfer.njedclient.log”;set ftp:
    list-options -a;set net:max-retries 10;set net:timeout 30; mirror -c -r -R --ignore-time -vvv --exclude “.srvprivate” “/images/Win10-2.1”
    “/images/Win10-2.1”; exit’ -u fog,[Protected]
    [09-01-17 12:07:04 am] * Started sync for Image Win10-2.1

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    Inspect the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file on the remote storage node. Then back on the master node, check the web management gui for that storage node definition. Ensure the management user ID is fog and the managment password matches the password field in the .fogsettings on the remote storage node. If they are in allignment then I have to ask you, did you muck about with the linux user fog on the remote storage node?

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    @msi said in Adding new node error:

    Is a remote storage node?