• hi all

    ive got a 64 bit windows 7 image built up with drivers all added configed and ready to take back to fog, i always take a clonezilla image aswell as fog to make sure ive got two images for fall over , now the clonezilla image will work absolutly fine do its sysprep stuff and work, the fog image comes up with a windows failed to start error refering to multiple .sys files in the system32\drivers folder. The pc’s in question are dell optiplex 390 and i take the image back as a multple partition image… any body seen this before got any clues? its been doing my head in for 2 days now…

    also has anybody got a way of changing the webui page so it wont log out after 10mins, id like to to stay availble for a couple of hours… anybody got a nice way of extending the dashboard logout feature

    cheers all

  • Developer

    Need more information. What type of Image? NTFS Resizeable I’m guessing?

    If so your filesystem must be 100% tiptop or you will get lost files during the NTFS partition resize, delete and recreation.

    This is outside of FOG’s control and is down to the badness of NTFS.

    Always chkdsk /x 😄 multiple times, reboot in between.

  • Moderator

    Change /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
    look for session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440

    change 1440 to some higher multiple of 60. See if that works.