PXE boot hanging on HP Compaq Pro 4300 SFF PC + Nuc

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    I have a bit of a strange problem.

    I pushed out FOG 1.4.4 on Ubuntu 14.04LTS w/PXE without any issues.

    I am able to PXE boot on a VM on the same host. But when I try to PXE boot HP Compaq 4300 SFF PC or a NUC I can get to the menu but I when I try to register (Quick or Normal) I get to the point where it says "Attempting to Register host… And then I get an error has been detected.

    I’ve tested with 3 HP Pro 4300 and 2 Intel NUCs.

    I would greatly appreciate all of your help.

    Thank you

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    @joesay You are welcome! Feel free to ask again and even open new threads if you run into issues again. We will try to help and get things fixed!

  • @sebastian-roth I had some spare time this morning and decided to bypass all of my infrastructure to see if my infrastructure and/or other issues similar to spanning tree were causing the problem.

    I setup an old NUC with Ubuntu 14.04 SVR and installed FOG. I took an old DD-WRT router and setup it up to work with the FOG server along with a $20 Switch.

    Once everything was setup, I attempted to capture images for the three HP 4300 SFF computers along with the 2 NUC computers and I had “Zero” issues.

    There aren’t any compatibility issues with the NIC’s and the FOG server. Just wanted to let you know that bringing everything down to a very simple setup eliminated all of the issues we were having setting up FOG on a VM, inside its own vlan, etc…

    This setup works for us and wanted to update you as I think this is a good project and solution.

    Thanks again for all of your help.

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    @joesay If you are short on time (as we all are most of the time) I am pretty sure FOG is one of the best choices available as the support here in the forum is faster than what you get pretty much everywhere else. There probably is no other tool around that works without any flaw and you will end up calling someone for support then anyway. All the best to you and I really hope you’ll find your silver bullet soon…

  • Ok - Thank you guys for your help - I don’t have a bunch of time to try to figure this out. I was using Snap Deploy but that application is no longer any good and I have to move pretty fast on a replacement solution. I was hoping FOG would help but I guess my equipment has some issues.

    Thanks again for your help - I greatly appreciate your time.

    Please close this case - Have a great day.

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    @george1421 Thanks heaps for pushing this and asking all the things you have. To me it kind of looks as if the broadcom NIC does not come up early enough to pick up an IP to be able to register.

    @joesay So as George said, please register the client by hand and see what you get booting into a debug task. Maybe wait another 30 seconds when you get to the shell.

    Here there is rumors about this BCM 57788 NIC.

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    @joesay Not sure I understand your post but that’s OK.

    What I want you to do is this.

    1. Manually register this host.
    2. Schedule a capture or deploy task it doesn’t matter, BUT before you submit the task select the debug check box and then submit the job.
    3. PXE boot the target computer.
    4. After a few enter key presses on the target computer it will drop you to a linux command prompt.
    5. Once at the linux command prompt key in ip addr show Lets see if it picks up an IP address in debug mode.

    Note for developers: The Compaq has a broadcom 57788 nic, and the nuc probably has a realtek nic.

  • @george1421 -LMAO- I know what were trying to accomplish 🙂 , I just wanted to show you the image to show you what I was doing. Saying done and showing something was actually done are two completely different things.

    Reaganomics - Trust, but verify

    I appreciate you help - Its a great project - If I can get this work work I will support it moving forward - Thanks again

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    @joesay Ok reviewing your pictures of the network information check (2) the ethernet adapter should have an IP address listed for eth0. I just confirmed on my dev box. Its seeing the mac address, but its not seeing the IP address.

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    @joesay OK we can then rule out spanning tree (networking infrastructure) from causing this.

  • @george1421 Same thing 😞

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    @joesay While that is a very nice picture, what does that show us?

    The idea of the dumb switch is that if your building switch has spanning tree enabled it may cut off your network connection at an unexpected time. The dumb switch will keep the building switch link port from seeing the wink as the FOS engine boots.

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    @joesay This looks like its passing the tests.

    Just for the sake of argument (because we’ve seen a rash of this issue lately) can you place a dumb (unmanaged) switch between the building switch and the pxe booting computer and see if allows you to register? I’m seriously doubting my self on this one, but we need to rule it out.

  • @sebastian-roth Done - Thank you again for all of your help + feedback.

  • 0_1502312219887_05.JPG 0_1502312229080_06.JPG

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    @joesay It also looks like you need to sync that monitor with the computer. since the image we need to see is actually off the left edge of the monitor.

  • @george1421 Will do - Give me 5 mins

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    @joesay We really need to see the enter screen for the last one.

    Also have you run the hardware compatibility test (from the pxe boot menu) on these hardwares?