• I’m trying to create a plugin to run various update commands from the fog server interface. However I’m not understanding the Example Plugin. Is there a tutorial somewhere for creating plugins from scratch?

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    @zorderelda The info you are looking for, unfortunately doesn’t exist outside of the brains of the developers. And I agree we really need to get some documentation on this to grow the list of available plugins.

    I’ve done some tweaking of a few plugins and I can say they are not difficult but also a pita at the same time.

    I worked on / with 2 plugins the LDAP and the Persistent Groups.

    The persistent groups was created by the developers to aid in installing a sql trigger that simulates persistent groups in FOG. It is the most simple one with no menus or outward appearance that it has been installed.

    The ldap plugin is a bit more complex, but it also shows you how to create tables, hook into a process. It also has a display/editor page. I can tell you the graphics at the top are fonts based on the font awesome library http://fontawesome.io/

    The fog application has and calls out hooks at certain functions and as a plugin programmer you can tie into those hooks to add function to fog.

    That is about it from what limited knowledge I have.

  • @wayne-workman Yes Wayne, I’m a multi-disciplinary programmer. Fancy pants way of saying I know lots of programming languages. 🙂 I also know SQL, just in case that might be the next question. I have looked over the example plugin, as well as several other plugins, for inspiration and understanding. I’ve gotten my plugin to show in the list of plugins, and I can get it to the install point, but no further.

    I need to make a snapin updater for my small group of computers. That way when I’m on leave any of my coworkers can update the snapin data and then push the new snapin data at all the computers. So any kind of help will be great. My wish list includes an icon in the top list, with an associated page below, as well as a spot in the configuration menu.

    Thanks in advance!


  • @zorderelda Do you know PHP already? Would you consider yourself experienced at PHP or novice? I’m just trying to determine where we should start.