SOLVED List Filter Issue For Auto-Updating Lists in New UI

  • Server
    • FOG Version: v1.5.0 RC-6 Current Working as of 9am today
    • OS: CEntOS 7

    Not a bug but an issue… Maybe this should be a feature request… Not sure…
    The Search Filters Common to the lists in the new UI Style are useless in screens that auto update - like the Active Tasks and Active Snapin List. The filter only applied to the data in the existing list and is reset as soon as the screen updates - which for my set up is a few seconds.

    We really need to have filters for auto-updating screens remain in place until we exit the screen or manually clear a filter. Otherwise tracking progress will be very difficult when the server is in use by several people with several separate work tasks active.


  • @tom-elliott


    I’ve done some testing and here’s what I’ve found:

    • When I have 2 or more Hosts deploying Snapins, and I apply a host name search filter to the Active Snapin Task display, I get a subset of the Active Snapin Task list that matches the filter.

    • The search filter appears to be persistent as this screen refreshes - so this is working as I had hoped it would. We can now track the progress of specific machines - and we can change the filter while we’re looking at it and the display changes - so we can track specific machine’s progress on the fly.

    • There are some deleterious impacts to other screens.

    • The filter appears to be effect the display of host when one hit’s the Hosts Icon and / or hits List All Hosts under the Hosts Icon. The display doesn’t show the filter text in the Search field, but the list is blank until one goes back to the Active Snapin Tasks Screen and removed the search filter.

    • The Active Tasks display appears to have the same filter value in the Started By field, with the text showing. From this I’m guessing the search filter is being retained and applied to the display screens based on the field’s position in the list rather than based on the field name. This would explain the empty list in List All Hosts. In the Active Snapin Tasks list, the host name is the 2nd field. The 2nd field of the Active Task List is the Started By field, but the search filter displays the Host name search filter value I entered on the Active Snapins list. The List All Hosts second field is a check box - so that explains why the list is empty until I remove the Host Name search filter from the Active Snapins list.

    • Possible Solutions:
      * Clear all search filters when you change screens by navigating (back arrow or clicking anything).
      * Track the field that has the filter and retain and display it in subsequent screens and blank it when the column to which the filter is applied isn’t displayed.

    If I got to choose, I’d pick the first approach. It would be good to have all filters blanked when we move off any page - but I leave that to you.

    thanks for working on this.


  • So I think I got it now.

    Please update the working branch, and perform a hard refresh on your browser so to see the elements and updates. I basically rewrote all the javascript code to be a little nicer. Of course I make mistakes and a lot of them, but hopefully the new approach is faster, smoother, simpler.

  • Tom,

    I’m only trying to be helpful. The product will be whatever you think it should be.

    What I’m pointing out is that the search fields at the top of most lists are very helpful for shortening very long lists. Specific examples are the Snapin Report page. the search fields make quick work of tracking an issue down on a PC or a Snapin.

    For the auto-updating screens that have these same search fields, the issue is the time between updates and the temporary nature of the data one enters in the field. If one is tracking Snapin installation on a specific host, and filters the Active Snapin Task to do this, for my installation, which updates in a second or two, the list is reset to show all tasks in very short order.

    So, is the time to update Auto-Updating screens a current FOG setting?

    if so, I’ll look to set mine install for 10 seconds or so. I type slowly.

    If there were a way for the filter to remain in place across a data refresh on the screen, that would be good. If it were, one could leave the screen up, monitoring progress on a give host until the list was empty.

    That’s all I’m trying to say. I didn’t mean to imply in my message that this was a bug or a requirement. I worked with FOG v.32 for some time and have been off doing other things for the last 4 years. I’m familiar with the differences between v.32 and v1.5.0, but not so v1.0.0 thru v1.4.4. I surely have no idea how hard it would be to implement what I’m suggesting.

    My apologies…


  • I don’t understand the issue. “List filter issue for auto updating lists in new ui…” What does this mean? Is it a bug? the filters should remain on updates. I can just remove all the filters for auto updating lists though. I fail to see the value if all it does is cause issues. Coding for these things is not simple and having to maintain a list of things to be maintained shouldn’t be a requirement. Sorry if i sound rude, but i don’t understand what the problem is.