Lenovo 810z AIO & T560 Laptop Issues

  • Hey All,

    Fresh install of fog on Ubuntu as of about a month ago. I’m currently at a remote site so I can’t get the correct version info at this moment.

    However fog doesn’t recognize the Nic’s in these new devices. Can someone assist me with this. I’m new to fog so I don’t know what Kernel is needed for this.

    The AIO NIC is "realtek pcie gbe family controller"
    The Latop NIC is “Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V”

    Any help is greatly appreciated and I can get whatever info that’s needed as well. Just offsite today but had some time to post up this message.


  • I’ll get that info for you tomorrow morning when I am back in my office. I’ve actually yet to open the laptop up. All other stuff isn’t going to be a problem.


  • Developer

    @jconway1006 I think we need the exact kernel version (and maybe FOG version) as well as the PCI IDs of the NICs in question. Boot up windows, open the device manager, right-click the NIC, goto the Details tab and select “Hardware IDs” from the dropdown. Copy and post the full hardware id string as text or a picture of the dialog you see. Especially those I219-V NICs are not all the same. We need to know exactly which one you have and which kernels you have tried so far.

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