Installing a new clean fog server

  • Ok i will download CentOS and install GUI then to setup my fog server. I hope it won’t be too difficult to follow as i want it to be setup asap.

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    While George already answered all your questions nicely I might just add that FOG is running perfectly well on Debian for me (and others). Just in case you want to choose a debian-based distro. But CentOS is great too!!

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    @Predator said in Installing a new clean fog server:

    What is the difference between the FOG 1.4.4 Officially Released and FOG 1.5.0 RC 3?

    Any of the FOG versions with RCx in the name are development releases. You probably don’t want those for your production server. FOG 1.5.0 is the newest version of FOG in the pipeline but its still under development. FOG 1.4.4 is the latest stable release and one you should look at until 1.5.0 is released. FOG 1.5.0 contains a new and updated webgui which is really nice, but functionally its very similar to 1.4.4

    What is the best and simplest OS to use with FOG? I have read that some have problems with ubuntu… Furthermore i am a noob in Linux distro’s and it would help me a lot to have something that’s stable and simple with a GUI.

    I know a lot of people use ubuntu still. Its not that bad (except for when ubuntu changes stuff that breaks fog). I personally use RHEL/Centos in command line only. The great thing about FOG is that it is supported on a number of linux OS platforms. You will need to learn about linux a little to be able to manage a fog server. The FOG Project wikis are pretty good at taking you step by step through setting up FOG, but you still may have to access the linux command line to adjust some settings.

    My goal is to implement a virtual fog server for the enterprise where i am currently working so i can deploy images over pxe boot.

    A virtual fog server is no problem. That is how we have them setup in our environment. PXE booting can be a pain sometimes if your computing environment isn’t standard. But we have a few ways to help with non-standard environments to get systems pxe booting.