SOLVED Failed ipxe/boot.php because of different IP

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    • FOG Version: Installed 20/7/17 (trunk - can’t find the version)
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    Hi everybody!
    I’ve been trying to setup a zero touch deployment for windows terminals at my company and I stumbled upon Fog.
    Long story short, I set it up on VmWare workstation first and then migrated it to ESXi. With the migration, IP’s and subnets change of course. I reconfigured everything that I found that was blocking a terminal booting into Fog but the problem still persists.
    After it gets IP from DHCP (correct subnet etc) and IPXE boots starts, it halts at http://x.x.x.x/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php… Network Unreachable.
    Thing is, the above line tftp etc has the right IP address but the Http line doesnt. Still has the IP from the 1st setup.
    As I stated above, I changed the IP to the correct one in every single place that I could find. But still something is missing.

    Any ideas???

    Thanks in advance!

  • @george1421 said in Failed ipxe/boot.php because of different IP:

    you will probably want to install dnsmasq on the fog server

    That’s how the MakeFogMobile scripts work, they use dnsmasq. This is because the intention is mobility.

  • I will set it up at my home lab in my free time. As a new recruit here, if I can make this work, it will be a good ++ for my future here.
    And once again, thanks a lot!

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    @Skrou get a raspberry pi3 and setup a fog server in your hotel room 😉

  • Yeah, I got that since it was mentioned in the mobile script that you linked before and I looked it up. Will definetely give it a shot.
    Unfortunately, I will continue my FOG project in 3 months time, since from Monday onwards I will be deployed to a customer for like 3 months.

    Thanks again!

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    @Skrou If you will be taking the fog server into an uncontrolled environment (i.e. customer sites) you will probably want to install dnsmasq on the fog server to provide the dhcp pxe boot settings needed to pxe boot target computers so you aren’t relying on the existing infrastructure for pxe booting support.

  • Nice! Thanks!!

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    @Skrou You can get the script from here It was written by another FOG Project moderator @Wayne-Workman

  • Yes. It is in my best interest for this to be a mobile deployment server.
    Where is that option and what’s the mobility script? (Sorry for all of this but I’m still a starter user as far as Linux goes.)

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    @Skrou said in Failed ipxe/boot.php because of different IP:

    So i need to migrate it every single time that terminal deployment is asked.

    I’m not sure I understand this statement. If you are creating a FOG mobile deployment server there is another option where the IP address could change often. FOG really doesn’t like its host OS changing IP addresses. The mobility script will help this situation.

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    You can fix this if you want.

    There are 3 places the IP address hides in the FOG Gui and 2 places in the linux OS.

    Web GUI:
    1 and 2 Go into FOG configuration -> FOG settings and expand all. Down towards the bottom there will be a tftp section and a web section. Ensure the IP address there is correct.
    3 Go to the storage node configuration (probably default or defaultMaster) for this fog server. There is an ip address in there.

    FOG server linux console:
    1 edit the file /tftpboot/default.ipxe
    2 edit the file /opt/fog/.fogsettings

    Once that is all done rerun the fog installer. You won’t need to make any changes just run through the installer again and it will clean up any remaining bits for you.

  • Thanks for the fast reply.
    I’m setting this up so we can deploy terminals to my company’s clients with zero touch deployment. So reinstalling everytime for any client will be too much of a hassle. So i need to migrate it every single time that terminal deployment is asked.

  • If it was a test server, you have no critical data to import, reinstall directly from a blank system you will have to save time …