Deploy into excisting Multibootloader

  • Hello all,
    i managed to setup an image including a windows 7 and a Ubuntu OS and a Grub bootloader. I deployed that Image but now i want to exchange the Ubuntu with a newer version. Is it possible to deploy into my excisting environment or do i have to deploy the whole Image of Win7+ Ubuntu+ Grub? In the future i want to have like 10 different OS with Grub as bootloader and every few month i want to exchange one OS so i really need a feature to deploy into my environment rather than deploying everything again.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Thanks alot i will try that 🙂

  • Senior Developer

    As Wayne already said this is kind of a special setup and can cause you some trouble. In case you still want to try it out I might advise you to install GRUB twice. When installing your linux system tell it to write GRUB not into the MBR but into the boot record of the linux partition (e.g. sda3). After that boot up from a live linux CD and install GRUB into the MBR by hand and configure it to chainload the second GRUB (e.g. on sda3). I have to admit that I haven’t done this lately but I am pretty sure this should work. This way you can install/deploy different linux OS on sda3 without touching the other partitions (windows, …).

    Possible but definitely some fiddling, and knowledge about boot loaders, MBR and such involved.

  • I wouldn’t recommend trying, you’re highly likely to make the systems not bootable, and have to re-image the whole disk anyways. Also, this request is not something standard. Keep it simple, re-image the whole disk.