SOLVED Windows 7 Activation issues

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    • FOG Version: 1.3.0-RC-4 5941
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    So I was wondering if there is a way to handle activation for Volume License? The issue is that we have to re-image all of or laptops when they come in from the field. Every time I have to activate Windows 7, of course I have to activate each time, therefore using one of our licenses. These are not new machines, so essentially its the same machine each time. You would think MS would look at this and erase duplicate computer names.

    So is there a way that FOG can image the laptops and not have to activate every time? What would you guys see as the best way to do this. We are at a spot where I cannot image anymore machines due to this issue and I am getting a backlog on this.

    Thanks so much in advance for any and all help.

  • @Tom-Elliott said in Windows 7 Activation issues:

    So MAK has a limit, typically, of 25 or 50 keys to the server it’s activating against. Is the activation limit possibly met?

    Depends on the site. My last job asked Microsoft to raise our limit from 10,000 to 20,000 activations. They gave it to us, no questions asked.

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    @Tom-Elliott FYI: MAK keys are one time use keys. That is where KMS has its advantages in that your local key pool is on site and you can revoke and reuse keys without having to contact the MS Clearing house to request more MAK keys.

    You can check to see your MAK key usage by logging into your MSVLC account. Then locate your software and look at your used license keys. They will be listed as (use/total). If you need more MAK keys then you will have to contact the MS Software clearing house and request more keys to be added to your account. AFAIK you just tell them you have been reimaging machines and you needed more keys added to your account. I think there is no charge for this add.

  • @Wayne-Workman I am not installing the actual client on the machine. I am just re-imaging. Should I be installing this on the image. I was not using any snap ins so I did not have it installed.

  • @EAHarvey So MAK has a limit, typically, of 25 or 50 keys to the server it’s activating against. Is the activation limit possibly met? (I don’t know the limits specifically, but I know there is a limitation on how many. It’s not a hard problem to fix either but I don’t remember how to fix off the top of my head.)

  • @Tom-Elliott We use MAK for Windows 10. I would think it would be the same for Windows 7.

  • The FOG Client tries to activate if there’s a key present in the host’s product key field using that key.

    If no key is present in the product field, I’m not sure what the behavior is.

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    A lot depends on how you are currently licensed for your OS’s. Are you using OEM keys or do you have some kind of volume licensing keys?

    Volume licensing keys are the easiest way to deploy images without having to activate each one manually.

    FWIW: OEM EULA doesn’t allow for imaging with anything other than the OEM CD that comes with the computer. So legally you can’t use FOG or any other tool for cloning an image from one computer to the next. You can address this by purchasing one VLK for each OS version you want to deploy. Say your computers come with Win7 Pro OEM. All you need to purchase is one Win7 Pro VLK to allow imaging. You can not use that Win 7 Pro VLK to deploy Win 8 or any other OS. You will need a separate Win 8 Pro VLK for that.

  • Not exactly sure. I just emailed the main IT Department to find out. I will report back.

  • Are you using MAK or KMS?