Migrate FOG from physical to virtual

  • Hello

    In my company we are currently using fog deploying Windows 7 images to user’s workstations. By now Fog is hosted on a physical machine under linux OS.

    Version of Fog is 1.30 with Fog client 0.11.7.

    Which way could be the best to migrate my current Fog to a virtual machine ?

    1 - P2V using VMWare converter
    2 - Starting from scratch with a new virtual machine. Exporting all my current configuration on this new virtual machine. Will there be incompatibility issues using this method ? (The first one isn’t my favourite…)

    Is there something in particular i should carry on ?

    Thank you


  • @Wayne-Workman Thank you too ! Will work this out 🙂

    If i’ve any trouble i’ll come back here !

  • @Fall711 you don’t need same versions, don’t even need the same distribution of linux, all the steps are here: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Migrate_FOG

  • @Quazz Ok thank you.

    I prefer the 2nd option too.

    Ok for the NIC, there is always trouble with NICs 🙂

    I’ll proceed like this :

    • vm creation
    • installing exactly the same version of Fog as on physical machine
    • backup configuration from physical machine
    • restoring settings on virtual machine
    • checking if everything is ok
    • updating Fog to it’s last version on virtual machine
    • removing physical machine

    Ok i think i’m good.


  • Moderator

    2nd will work fine, in fact, it might even work better.

    Main thing to look out for for virtual setups is the NIC setup. Other than that it should be essentially the same as a physical setup.