Certificate expired FOG Website

  • Hi,

    today i receive Cert Errors from Firefox both under Windows and on my iPhone, is it really expired?

    Regards X23

  • @Tom-Elliott said in Certificate expired FOG Website:

    I’ve modified the cron to run every 5 days so this should no longer happen.

    with letsencrypt i let the cron job run every 2 months (certs are valid for 90 days).
    i would leave the cert server contacts as small as possible, for what should 5 days good for? :)
    Sure, the best way in my mind would be 24 hours before it expires…

    Regards X23

  • Senior Developer

    I’ve modified the cron to run every 5 days so this should no longer happen. My point is, however, unless you were actively on the page when it expired, you can’t view it until the certificate is fixed. So Posting the messages that it’s not working because the certificate expired doesn’t do anybody any good. Most likely one of the devs/moderators will notice or be told relatively quickly, but posting that it’s a problem on the forums when it expires is going to be missed until the certs ARE updated.

  • Moderator

    @x23piracy It was expired this AM (US time) and was fixed within the hour.

  • Hi,

    the cert has been renewed today, maybe a little to late?
    alt text

    Regards X23

  • Hi,

    it’s working again. It wasn’t working with Firefox on PC and with Firefox and Safari on my iPhone.

    I used my work computer with edge where i could say hey edge give a f*** on that expired cert.

  • Senior Developer

    If it’s expired, why do people post here on the forums? We can’t see it until this is fixed.

  • Same problem here with Firefox and Edge ;)
    So I suppose Cert is really expired !

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