Upload Images to remote node from remote host, then sync back to master

  • Hi,
    A request…
    We have 3 FOG servers, 1 local and 2 remote accessed over WAN through modem/fireall via IpPSec tunnel.
    There are unique PC’s at the remote sites, and when deploying everything is fine as the nodes are all synchronised with images from the master.
    The issue arises when updates or changes are made to these PC’s. We use SteadyState with scripts to keep the PC’s locked down and yet have antivirus/windows updates done automatically overnight.
    When I make changes I usually deploy the image(which does not have Steady State Disk Protection activated) to the PC , make the changes then upload back to the master node. This is fin locally, but this cannot be done at the remote sites, as the upload would take many hours to go back to the master, THEN would be sync’d back to the remote node.
    It would be great if the Master Node allowed image uploading from remote hosts to the local (remote from master) node first then sync back to itself overnight or whenever.

    Hope this is a clear explanation. Thanks, Mark

  • Developer

    This might be possible with hooks in the future.

  • Moderator

    It’s not currently possible. You can only have 1 master storage node per storage group and this node will receive all uploaded images and then distribute them to the other storage nodes in the same storage group.

    Look at [U][COLOR=#0000ff][URL=‘http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Fog_deployment_nodes’][U][COLOR=#0000ff]this article[/COLOR][/U][/URL][/COLOR][/U] from the wiki and see if you can modify it to meet your needs. Take notes and we’ll incorporate your experience back into the documentation if possible.