SOLVED Unable to save settings in FOG configuration

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    • FOG Version: 1.4
    • OS: Debian 8
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    Hi, I’ve got a very annoying issue. As I tried to make multicast works, I’ve changed some parameters in FOG settings. But now, I can’t save any of the changes in fields, in any section. The page takes time to actualize, the pop up “Settings Successfully stored!” appears but no change is saved !
    In other sections, like host editing, changes are OK.
    I don’t think there’s a “lock” function, so it maybe an apache problem ?
    I’ve run again the 1.4.0 installer and rebooted, no success …
    I guess it’s an apache problem

  • Nothing changed in regards to that. I suspect, however, it was related to a ton of “slashes” that made the query larger than it could be to actually perform the update.

  • Well, after upgrading tonight to 1.4.1, I can now save the changes in FOG settings …
    I think this topic can be marked “solved” …

  • I tried to change directly in DB : for example :

    update globalSettings set settingValue='1' where settingKey='FOG_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT';

    and it works !

    But still not with the webGUI

  • @Sebastian-Roth No, they’re exactly the same…

    Indeed, the apache logs weren’t displayed in my fog web gui til these days …

  • Moderator

    @Flavalf Maybe the log viewer is an issues as well. Please check the apache error logs on your FOG server. See my signature on where to find those…

  • Sadly, no error related to FOG in apache error.log …
    I also checked the mysql DB with

    mysqlcheck -r fog

    Everything is OK …

  • Moderator

    Make a change like you posted about then tail the apache error log to see what error its throwing. For debian I think the error log is called error.log and its in the /etc directory somewhere (sorry I’m rhel guy). You can also view the apache error log in the fog configuration -> log viewer area.