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    • FOG Version: Running Version 1.4.0
      SVN Revision: 6069
    • OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04
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    When I netboot using UEFI the memtest doesn’t work

    exec format error
    chainloading failed

    Do you guys have a working memtest bin for the UEFI version?

  • Hey george1421,
    Thanks for clearing that up mate

  • Moderator

    FOG as well as most linux distributions use Memtest86+ This utility is opensource and does not support uefi booting. There is also another Memtest86 (note no + in the name). This software is produced by PassMark. The PassMark software does support uefi memory testing. I don’t know if this software is plugin replaceable for Memtest86+ or not.

    Someone with linux skills might accept PassMark’s eula and download their linux software and give it a go. It might be trivial to extract the required files from the iso download and swap out the memtest86+ version for the memtest86 version. I have no idea if it will work or not.

    Because Memtest86 from PassMark is not part of most linux distributions, the FOG Project can not distribute that version.

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