Has anyone tried a Raspberry Install?

  • Hey guys, I know some people were trying to install FOG on a raspberry pi a while back, I don’t know how that went, but the latest stable release says it has native support for Raspbian, has anyone attempted FOG 1.4 yet? if so has it worked well?

  • @george1421 I’ve actually looked into this - I have to emulate ARM on x86_64. I’ve found one good article on it for the platform I use, KVM + libvirtd + virt-manager

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    @Wayne-Workman There was a caveat. The installer will successfully run to completion now, but raspbian is not an “officially” supported platform. But if you need a solar powered deployment server, a FOG-Pi server will surely fit the bill.

    That is of course until raspbian is tested nightly against the FOG build of the day.

  • @george1421 recently Tom added Rasbian to the official list in the fog installer, so it’s supported now.

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    First of all I have to say the Raspberry Pi platform is not supported at all. There are other/better hardware platforms that could and should be used for FOG.

    With that said, what was updated/fixed/changed was to the fog installer to not throw a fit when someone tries to install FOG on a Raspberry Pi. The installer should run to completion without issue now. And yet FOG is still not supported.

    The “fix” code for the installer came from this document: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/8642/installing-a-bit-of-fog-pi-the-hackish-way

    With that said, the Pi3 does deploy very well for 1 or 2 unicast imaging streams. Much more and the processor starts work a bit hard. You want to use a Pi3 with a fast micro sd card over a Pi2 or earlier since the Pi3 has a GbE network interface. You can use a Pi2b without issue, just realize you won’t get 6Gb/min deployment speeds.