FogReplicator and Storage Nodes.

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    We confirmed that the MHB network ranges both hit the MHB server x.x.57.42. SRO is currently hosted on x.x.76.44, and the Scope in SRO reflects the same.

    Ideally we want SRO and MHB to be two separate servers, but sync the images between eachother. When I log into the MHB server it doesn’t show any of the images listed on SRO, it only shows the ones locally on MHB. To add to the confusion, I have added a list of ALL of our currently deployed machines to the SRO hosts. These also do not show up when logging into the MHB server.

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    @sbenson OK what you are currently running is an unsupported mode of FOG. Yes it works well and how I have my fog servers setup.

    In a traditional FOG setup you have one master node and one or more storage nodes. A fog storage node is exactly like a FOG master node, except a storage node doesn’t have a local database, it uses the Master Nodes database.

    In your setup you have 2 fog master nodes (each with their own sql database) you have one of the servers configured as a master node and in the master node the other configured as a storage node. This IS required to get your images to flow to your remote fog server.

    Now we need to understand why a client at your remote site is trying to pull an image from the HQ site. At your remote site, what values do you have for dhcp options 66 and 67. Those should point to the fog server at the remote site. In a split master setup (like you have) each site should only know about its local fog server.

  • They were both setup to be Full installs, I am unsure how to make one only a Storage Node.
    The MHB server has a “SRO” storage node listed. Which is what I was told was required to get replication to work. Even after the “SRO” storage node had “Is Enabled unchecked” it was still pulling data from SRO.

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    How is the server setup at MHB? Is that a full fog server or a fog storage node? I’m pretty sure I already know the answer, I just want to make sure before making a left turn here.

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