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    • FOG Version: 1.3.5
    • OS: Ubuntu/Centos
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    Hey All - Firstly again let me start with a praise - Nothing but love for the fog project. So onto my issue - After upgrading to 1.3.5 the Advanced Menu no longer works…on the boot screen when the Advanced menu is selected it gives an error stating " Could not boot - result too large" “Chainloading failed…” - I was going to migrate over from my ubuntu installation anyway to a Centos server so I setup fog fresh on the Centos side - all good…I imported the fog database and the images it all seemed ok - however the advanced menu was still giving the same error - I did get it to work by starting the populate the advanced menu again just starting from “menu” - Am I right in thinking that there might be a few differences between the way the advanced menu works in 1.3.5 compared to earlier versions? Also one other strange issue - I placed a few custom ISO’s in an iso folder (…fog/service/ipxe/iso) - I use these to boot from in the Advanced menu but the upgrade wiped this out from my ubuntu vm???

  • Glad to help. I’m going to guess the “error” you were seeing was simply it couldn’t use those files to boot from.

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Alas they are now found! Always read the doc’s! File this under user error 🙂
    Thanks Again - Fast and great support.

  • For some help in regards to your lost ISO’s from the updated server, you should find them sitting in /home folder.

    The /var/www/fog get’s moved out and because of this we typically prefer people with custom iso’s to use the document root so they don’t have their iso’s removed.

  • @george1421
    This approach makes sense! This should be filed under a doc change for best practices when booting from local custom iso’s! 🙂

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    @Viper79 well the answer really depends on how extensive the previous advanced menus were.

    The other issue about wiping out your iso, that is something new. I’m not aware that the upgrade scripts will wipe out the ipxe directory. But I’ve been on something more that 1.2.0 stable for almost 30 months now. I can tell you my recommendation would be to not place your custom stuff in the fog directory structure for exactly this reason.

    In my case I created a new top level directory for my iso images (i.e. /var/www/html/iso which is right next to /var/www/html/fog and is considerably shorter than the full path to the ipxe boot menu of /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe).

  • @george1421
    So is it fair to say any Advanced Menu customization will cause issues if configured in previous versions and upgrading to 1.3.x?

  • @george1421
    Thanks I figured as much! - the only other concern for me was the update wiping out my customs ISO’s!.

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    @Viper79 ok now we know what you are coming from, the answer is yes the ipxe menu subsystem has changed quite a bit. It is now managed via the web gui. You can do the same exact things, but its managed differently.

    In fog 1.3.x you create new menu entries and populate the parameters and then the last option box is to define what menu you want this new menu entry to be displayed on. The process is a little tedious if you have a lot of custom menu entries. But what you create one or two it goes pretty quick.

  • @george1421
    Hey George - from the advanced menu and this was all configured in 1.20 then upgraded to 1.3.5 - I have quite a long list of around 10 items - I use the advanced menu for WINPE booting as well as other useful ISO’s - very useful! - I did notice more options for the advanced menu in 1.3.5…

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    @Viper79 said in Advanced Menu:

    rror by recreating the advanced menu list with starting form the line “Menu”

    How exactly are you doing this. Is this via the fog web management or via patching the php code (that may have been required with the earlier versions of fog).

    Also what version did you upgrade from?

  • @george1421
    Thanks for the reply - The thing here is that I have 2 vm’s - The original one upgraded to 1.3.5 and the Centos one is a fresh 1.3.5 with just the database and images copied across. If I just concentrate on the upgraded one (ubuntu) the 2 issues are that after going to 1.3.5 the advanced menu no longer works with the Could not boot - result too large" “Chainloading failed…” - and the fact the upgrade seemed to wipe out subfolders in the ipxe dir…

    I did manage to get passed the “result too large” error by recreating the advanced menu list with starting form the line “Menu” - It would seem to me that there are change’s in 1.3.5 that dont mesh if you have previous populated advanced menu items prior to the upgrade - What was obvious to me what that there seemed to be some enhancements to the menus items in 1.3.5 which may explain the issue - Of course this also could just be something in my environment…Im a software engineer so im fully aware this could be user issue… 🙂


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    @Viper79 said in Advanced Menu:

    I imported the fog database and the images it all seemed ok

    Its possible if you had an incompatible configuration for the upgraded computer, importing that into the new server just spread the love to the new server.

    Did the upgrade change the way the Advanced menu works? Well it depends on what version you upgraded from.

    Could you capture the error with a mobile phone and post the picture here? The context of the error is just as important as the error it self.

    Also if you could provide the exact steps you did to create the error. We’ll have to check with the developers, but there may be a way to export the current pxe menu configuration and then reset it back to default so you can have a working system again. From there you can look at the exported data to use it for reconstructing what you’ve created in the advanced menu. Will it be easy, probably not.