Question: Installation of FOG on exsisting Ubuntu w/ LAMP conflicts?

  • Hello. My name is NooB. For now at least. I have a Ubuntu 10.04 w LAMP deployed and in productions. I would like to begin using FOG but am hesitant as I see the package has Apache and MySQL included. I certainly do not wish to deploy/overwrite my current installation, thus my question. Can I deploy package successfully without the inclusion of new apache/mysql? I can add files to web area and insert database to compensate if these files are available? Or am I over thinking this? Thank you for the facts.

  • Developer

    Yes you can, the installer should skip what is already installed… unless the package names are different.

    If you are new to Linux, i would not suggest this route as you will most likely have problems.

    The easiest and most straight forward Distribution to use is Ubuntu.

  • Check this out…

    [QUOTE]In the fog_0.32/lib/redhat Fog install folder, edit the file and remove the php-gettext from the package list. Remeber to edit the clamav package and a few other pieces outlined the CentOS install guide. Also, PHP 5.2.1+ is needed for Fog .32. CentOS comes with verson 5.1 you should unistall this version, and edit the same config script and change any PHP in the package list to PHP53 [/QUOTE]

  • GOOD & BAD - I’m still waiting for a response as well.

    I uninstalled FOG and reinstalled - created a bunch of headaches. All which I have been able to over come except I’m having some kind of permissions issue with being able to view the volume at the image boot setup. I haven’t lost hope yet as I’m sure it’s just a mixed up password.

    When I reinstalled at the point it was going to setup MySQL it skipped that setup and just setup a new DB called ‘fog’. As long as you have a root@localhost with -p “” your MySQL DB should stay intact and only fog will be added.
    Apache installed on my end also didn’t install since I already had the newest version. The version in latest FOG install includes Apache2 2.2.20 Server built: NOV 7th 2011 22:48:05

    Hope this helps!