@xcvtop said: @Wayne-Workman Hi I am going to try fedora. Is there a link to fedora 21 you would recommend as safe to download? or is it literally as simple to to install on Fedora 22 and change “yum” to “dnf” in the commands? The FedoraProject hosts torrent files for Fedora 21 and YES they are COMPLETELY legal to use - because the software is open source and free, and p2p is legal as well when used legally. The torrents hosed there are safe - and come with hash values of what the files should have. So what you get would be legit. Also - you can use Fedora 22 as well - and just change yum for dnf - and skip the MySQL stuff, the installer will install mariaDB instead of MySQL for Fedora 22. There are notes on this at the bottom of the article.