For reference, the ONLY time you use FOGCrypt on a password is when setting the user credentials for joining computers to AD. All the other passwords in the FOG settings and config files are in plain text. I know some of them look encoded, but they are just random strings made complex enough so they are not easily guessed from 1 FOG install to the next.

All you really needed to do what reset the password for the “fog” user in the WEB ui, which you can do through mysql command line if you can login to the fog server.

You need to set the passwords in the /var/www/fog/commons/config.php and the web UI.
[]open /var/www/fog/commons/config.php
[]set the TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD, doesn’t have to be complex, but write it down.
[]set the STORAGE_FTP_PASSWORD to the same value as TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD.
[]save the file.
[]from the command line: sudo passwd fog
[]Enter the same value you used for TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD and STORAGE_FTP_PASSWORD
[]open the FOG web UI.
[]login as user: fog
[]go to other information, FOG Settings
[]Go down to the TFTP Server section, make sure the FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD value matches the TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD value from step 2
[]Save changes
[]Schedule a task and see if it works.
In FOG 0.32, some settings are duplicated between the config files and the database. So you have to make sure both spots are updated or you have weird problems. It’s getting cleaned up for the next version I think, but for now, change the values in both the web UI and the config files.