I think there’s a very easy problem/reason, why Win 7 Images (without Sysprep) don’t like Resizable images. It’s likely due to the mbr of the drive. When an image is created using Multi-part, it creates a copy of the mbr and both of the partitions/all of the partitions. When an image is created using resizable, it creates the 100mb and system image, but the mbr is provided by the FOG script init.gz file. I believe, and I don’t know how to fix that part of it, the mbr this particular method uses is a copy of a sysprepped (generalized) image so as to allow any size drive. If you copy the mbr of a non-sysprepped image, you are, basically, taking the partitioning table with you (as well as the size of the drive it was created on). Just my thoughts.