BSOD windows image what am I missing.

  • So trying to make a new windows Image, new install of fog .32; been fairly frustrated with this as I am sure it is something small that I am missing. Here is a short process that I have been doing just to test…

    • install windows 7 64bit from media
    • on boot up hit ctrl+shift+f3 to go into audit mode
    • sysprep; sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown
    • go to fog, create task to capture image as a single resizeable ntfs partition
    • turn on computer and capture image
    • push image to my test box, not exactly same hardware but will run windows 64bit as I have installed it before.
    • Images with out error and reboots
    • Windows logo comes up, then BSOD.

    Now it gives me a error "stop: 0x000000f4 (0x00000000000000003, 0xfffffa80046a4630, 0xfffffa80046a4910, 0xfffff8002fe18b0) some hardware failure but computer runs fine and if I install windows 7 manually it works. Push image to a diffrent computer to make sure and windows bsod again. Push image to computer that I pulled Image from and windows comes up no problem.

    Things I have tried:

    • running fogprep before sysprep - bsod
    • capture Image as a multi-partition ntfs none resizeable - works
    • running logging on windows I get last driver to load was kbdhid.sys

    Things I am going to try:

    • create the partition and remove the 100M partition

    I thought that fogprep was no longer needed, aslo read that fog should be fine with single resizeable ntfs partition even on windows 7 with the 100M system part. Any pointers or general name calling is cool as long as it has something to help before I hit computer with a bat… would not hit myself with bat because that would hurt.

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    I think there’s a very easy problem/reason, why Win 7 Images (without Sysprep) don’t like Resizable images. It’s likely due to the mbr of the drive. When an image is created using Multi-part, it creates a copy of the mbr and both of the partitions/all of the partitions.

    When an image is created using resizable, it creates the 100mb and system image, but the mbr is provided by the FOG script init.gz file.

    I believe, and I don’t know how to fix that part of it, the mbr this particular method uses is a copy of a sysprepped (generalized) image so as to allow any size drive. If you copy the mbr of a non-sysprepped image, you are, basically, taking the partitioning table with you (as well as the size of the drive it was created on).

    Just my thoughts.

  • Has anyone managed to resolve this as I have 2 Lenovo Thinkpad T400’s to which I sysprepped perfectly fine, I imaged them to the fog server no problem. They both booted up after sysprep no problem, but if I deployed them from the fog server, it actually came up with the above error message, and tried two different images on these.

  • I think they have it working now so you only have to use, single part ntfs resizable.

  • I think is had to do with the small partition windows 7 creates on the drive, thus it is not a single partition (I recall somewhere seeing it posted that it worked with that). However, I always use the multi-part myself with all my windows 7 images (I have 5 12Gb+ images) and don’t have an issue. I am still doing the cave man I image per hardware type though.

  • So I decided to focus on this part of the problem feeling that it would lead me to something.

    Any suggestions on finding why it works when I do a multi-part non resizeable image and not when I have a single partiton resizeable?

    Hmm my statement is not that clear let me elaborate:

    I take my computer and install windows 7 and sysprep it, the image I will take first is: Multiple partition image - Single disk (not Resizeable)

    When I push that image to my test box it works perfectly.

    Now I will pull a new image from the same computer by “Single partiton - ntfs resizeable”

    Then if i push that image to my test computer I get the bsod with:

    “Process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated.” “stop:0x000000F4”

    This is a windows 7 64bit image.

  • Hmm this sucks; Loaded a machine with part magic and created a partion that covers the whole disk, then installed windows 7. then tried to pull an image. It is uploading it as a raw so the base image is 160G… ehhh… I am about to resign myself to pushing a 10G image.

  • @selutha I run a multi-partition so I can’t say for sure, but look at this setup guide posted in the how-to’s for reference - [url][/url]

    It looks like you have most everything down and complete / done properly. Just double check your work on a few last things =)

  • [quote=“ssx4life, post: 2385, member: 268”]Have you tried running the full sysprep with an .xml file yet?[/quote]
    yup, sysprep. If I use a multi-partition it goes and completes. Only breaks on single-partition. Thats why I think i have something small wrong.

  • Have you tried running the full sysprep with an .xml file yet?

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