@rhulet Ok, nice! You will find the new kernel binary in fos/kernelsourcex64/arch/x86/boot/bzImage. Copy that to your FOG server in /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/ but I suggest you rename the original bzImage in that directory instead of overwriting it. Just so you have a surely working backup copy of the kernel.

Now, applying the patch I notice that I gave you instructions for building our current kernel version. But for this stuff you need to use a newer one. Sorry for that. Move that 4.19.64 code out of the way, you might want to use it some other time:

cd fos mv kernelsourcex64 kernelsourcex64_4.19.64

Now add the patch and build the newer kernel:

export KERNEL_VERSION=5.1.16 ./build.sh -kn -a x64 wget https://ozlabs.org/~benh/nvme-mac-5.1.16.diff cd kernelsourcex64 patch -p1 < ../nvme-mac-5.1.16.diff make

This will get you the same kernel version I built for you some days ago. But there also seems to be a patch for kernel 5.2. If you want to give that a try instead:

export KERNEL_VERSION=5.2 ./build.sh -kn -a x64 wget https://ozlabs.org/~benh/nvme-mac.diff cd kernelsourcex64 patch -p1 < ../nvme-mac.diff make

This last one is untested.