@peirkern Sorry for the delay. I have tried to think about what could cause this new error you see but still have not found a good answer to this yet. I checked logs of a good compile on one of my servers and don’t see this error:

linux-5.10.83.tar.xz: OK (sha256: ef259a43f33ddb56001283f4f4e50af29b8a48fa066aed7371a90ebf38c29b70) ESC[7m>>> linux-headers 5.10.83 ExtractingESC[27m xzcat /var/lib/.../fssourcex64/dl/linux/linux-5.10.83.tar.xz | tar --strip-components=1 -C /var/lib/.../fssourcex64/output/build/linux-headers-5.10.83 -xf - ESC[7m>>> linux-headers 5.10.83 PatchingESC[27m ESC[7m>>> linux-headers 5.10.83 ConfiguringESC[27m ...

I can only suggest you start playing with the commands within docker and see what happens:

mkdir ~/test xzcat /home/builder/fos/fssourcex64/dl/linux/linux-5.10.83.tar.xz | tar --strip-components=1 -C ~/test -xf -