Well, today I had time to work on the project. First, the hard drive isn’t the issue and single cast deploy worked fine. Second, When I arrived on sight the lab was dismantled so I had to resort to using a Treadnet 10/100mbps 5 port switch connected to a Managed Cisco Switch which was also connected to a Cisco Router. I then proceed to request a managed switch for use however all that was around at the time was some old netgear switches which had been pulled from the active network for being unreliable and the other one was replaced as it only had 10/100 ethernet ports along with 2 10/100/1000 ports. The two gigabyte switches just didn’t want to work correctly so I decided to try the old 10/100 netgear switch and reset the settings but wasn’t able to access the webadmin panel for it as it seems I need to first console in and change some settings even thought I held the reset button on the front. I wasn’t able to find the needed cable in the storage room so I am assuming we know longer have it and doubt i’ll get the budget to replace it. At this time Multicast just seems to be unfeasible with the current equipment.