FOG and Windows 8/8.1 can work with the UEFI default of 4 partitions (Partition 1 usually being the Protective MBR, Partition 2 being the Recovery, Partition 3 being whatever it is microsoft decided it to be, and Partition 4 being the main data partition) This is what is typical of a default Windows 8/8.1 install with UEFI enabled. Yes, the file system is also structured in GPT which also should work fine. Under the Default Windows 8/8.1 setup, with UEFI enabled, the only requirement before an imaging task occurs is to disable Secure boot, and re-enable it once the imaging task is complete.

Maybe you could try the latest and greatest in SVN to see if it may help you with the default partitioning scheme done by the Lenovo installation disks? I’ve try to make as dynamic as possible and rely purely on the disk layout scheme over specifically telling the HDD where and what partitions to place.