@jaan said in Win 10 Hyper-v VM unable to PXE boot:

I did see the other threads, but discounted them as the are different revision of HYPER-V, from what i understand my version is the troublesome one. I did have this working on the previous ltsc of ubuntu.

I don’t use Hyper-V and therefore can’t give you any information on which version should work.

Unfortunately this hasn’t resolved the issue. i have performed a reboot also.

No reboot needed. The iPXE binaries are used as soon as they are in place. I was just going to say that you can check the iPXE version number on screen when it boots up to make sure it actually uses the newer binaries. But looking at the picture you posted initially I remember the version header is printer after the device initialization sequence. Too bad.

I already have the below listed in my DHCP server… not sure where to find the dhcpd.conf file to edit it. Can i do this in the FOG GUI?

Thanks again

Yes, obviously you use a Windows DHCP server and it’s set to use undionly.kpxe already. Don’t worry about the mentioned dhcpd.conf then. This is only used when FOG is configured to be the DHCP server in your network.