@handso said in Dell 5090 MFF restores during the capture process. HELP!:

The Linux Kernel is 5.10.71 Tom Elliott arm64.

I am just wondering about the arm64 part. Probably just what you copy & pasted when grabbing the version but I still want to bring this to attention.

So I did the capture through the debug method. Unfortunately no error message outputted on the screen during the capture. It happens around 8% of disk 3 being cloned. It just exited directly and restarted.

As George already said this is hardly ever the case with FOG. So we don’t have a simple step by step guide to debug this issue yet. There is a slight chance that updating to dev-branch can help because we updated the FOS inits to a newer buildroot version just recently. Though the Linux kernel version has not changed much (5.10.86) and I don’t think that’s gonna make the difference. But it’s still worth a try.

If that doesn’t help I suggest you take a video of the screen while capturing. Make sure you setup the camera/smartphone (on a pile of books for example) to get a steady recording. Some cameras even allow for 60 fpm videos. This way we might have a chance to see even a very brief error message flashing the screen just before it reboots.