Thanks Chad i actually fixed that issue, i re found the post that i used to fix that issue almost two years ago. It was two lines of code in the config.php file. But i another issue when i try to push the image down to a client pc. i get access denied. I ve try the chmod 777 on the folder where the images are at, and tried another i dont remember the cmd off hand. i think it was “chown -R fog:root” or some thing like that. i tested the ./mntcheck cmd on the folder and i cant touch it, but when im a root user i can. Also i ve check the user account and password in the UI settings to make sure they match, im all out of ideas. see below of the error i get. thanks in advance for your help.[ATTACH=full]175[/ATTACH] [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/0/175_IMAG0050 - Copy.jpg?:"]IMAG0050 - Copy.jpg[/url]