@george1421 There seems to be an issue with the Dell boot manager.
Configuration is as follows:
Boot mode: UEFI
First boot option: Network boot
Second boot option: RAID drive (it is in HBA mode but the same behavior is observed in RAID mode as well)

Exit option from FOG GRUB is configured as EXIT right now.
Default boot option in GRUB is Boot Local Disk.

Booting the Network option is successful and GRUB menu is called. I can reimage the system as needed. But when just waiting to let it boot into the local drive it fails to recognize that it is supposed to go to a second option in the Dell boot menu, and instead of booting from SSD, it goes back to the Dell boot menu.
It can successfully boot into Windows if I choose this option directly from the Dell boot manager and if I put RAID as a first option it goes into Windows fine. But this disables FOG GRUB by default and requires manual interaction in case the system needs to be re-imaged.

I can put a PCIe NVMe drive and disable RAID completely for a sake of experiment.
On Supermicro servers FOG GRUB exits and boots into local drive just fine.