Keep getting error "Unable to locate image store" when uploading an image to the server.

  • When I attempt to choose “Quick Image” from the pxe menu, it goes through its process, but then after reboot halts with the error “Unable to locate image store”.

    I went through this thread: [url][/url] and none of the solutions seem to apply to my situation.

    The /images/dev directories are set to 777 permissions, and I changed the owner to ‘nobody’ so there should not be any issues with reading or writing the directory. I have checked the exports file and restarted the nfs server. The computer to be imaged is a Debian machine. I have the image set to single disk multi-partition, and the host OS set to Linux. The host has the image associated with it.

    I went through this thread [url][/url] and none of these solutions in it seem to work for me.

    Any suggestions are truly appreciated. Let me know if more information is necessary.

    Thank you!

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    Please start a new thread with your issue. Reference existing threads if needed. Your issues are different enough to warrant its own thread.

  • I am having similar problems with image deployment. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Fog_0.32. Single partition deployment works fine but receiving “Unable to locate image store” error when deploying single-disk-multiple-partition images. The previous post does not apply to my situation either. How should the pxelinux.cfg file menu item look like for a successful deployment for single disk multiple image since there are several images in a folder and not just a file like the single image resizable.

  • Sorry, the Fog version is 0.32 and it is running on Fedora 17. The debian machine is the one I am trying to image, Debian 6. This is a proof-of-concept server to get myself familiar with fog, this is the first fog server I have ever setup.

  • Just curious, is this a new server? What os and version is it? Have you been able to image anything else or is it just the Debian machine?


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