snap-in will not run on startup after being installed

  • so i am trying to set up a program as a snapin in fog, the issue i keep running into is no matter how i word the .cmd the snapin will not run on startup after being installed, Fog will install the program just fine it just wont put the program in the startup folder, how do i get it to do this?
    here is the .CMD

    @echo off
    echo Installing School Messenger... Do not close.
    START "School Messenger" /wait "messenger-setup.exe" /verysilent  /Tasks=startupicon
    SLEEP.exe 10 
    echo Installed School Messenger
    SLEEP.exe 5

  • Is there an ALLUSERS switch you can add on? It’s likely as Tom mentioned, it’s only adding shortcuts under the account used to install it.

    If there isn’t switch to install for all users you could write in your batch the commands to copy to the public desktop and start menu.

    Assuming that messenger-setup.exe and the shortcut file are in the same root location as the installation script, something like this should work:

    ECHO Installing School Messenger... Do not close.
    CD %~dp0
    START "School Messenger" /wait "messenger-setup.exe" /verysilent
    SLEEP.exe 10
    COPY "School Messenger.lnk" "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\School Messenger.lnk"
    COPY "School Messenger.lnk" "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\School Messenger.lnk"
    ECHO Installed School Messenger
    SLEEP.exe 5

    If that doesn’t work, maybe provide the application so others can test it.

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    @prophitt this really isn’t a “fog” issue. Like @Tom-Elliott said, snapins, like any service, runs as the SYSTEM account. A lot of applications may have issues doing stuff like shortcuts if they didn’t take SYSTEM into account.

  • Hi,

    did you self create the setup (messenger-setup.exe)?
    I am just wondering about that parameter called /Tasks= that’s nothing i’ve ever seen as parameter for common installers i know.

    Is that Installer available for the public?
    Has the installer the admin manifest enabled?

    Regards X23

  • I hate to state the obvious here.

    Snapins do not run as the “logged in user” which I’m assuming is what you’re expecting to happen when you do the “Startup” folder? Because of this, the startup it’s most likely applying the shortcut to would be under the user who Runs the snapin (which in this case is SYSTEM).

    This is just a guess based on what I’m seeing though. I don’t really know anything.

  • yes it runs as expected , Fog just doesnt add the shortcut to the startup folder.
    I did find a work around with using 7zip sfx maker and telling it to create the shortcut in startup for me, i am still curious as to why Fog cant do that

  • Do you have these files packaged together somehow or are you only uploading the command file to FOG?

    Might be better off just uploading the .exe and adding in the arguments.

    Maybe do something like this:
    alt text

    Edit: I guess I didn’t read your original message very well. You say that the application is installing, but not adding the shortcuts to the start menu/desktop?

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    @prophitt Some clarifications:

    • This script also installs the messenger? And that part works?
    • If you were to run this script manually, does it work as expected?