Some laptops cannot get past "Starting Windows"

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.3 (bzImage Version: 4.10.9 bzImage32 Version: 4.9.1)
    • OS: Kubuntu 14.04
    • Service Version: Service Pack 1
    • OS: Windows 7 Pro

    Hi everyone,

    We just set-up a fog server not too long ago. During imaging, some laptops are not getting past the “Starting Windows” screen. For example, a HP 6710B can be imaged just fine. However, a HP 6730B cannot get past the “Starting Windows” screen. We just have a bare bones Fog setup at this time and on the W7 Pro image we do not have any setup complete scripts or unattended files in place. Maybe that is our problem, but it is confusing why some laptops work and others don’t.


  • Developer

    @mark-dangelo What does the partition layout look like? What image type is configured in FOG for those laptops (resizable, single disk multipartition)?

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