• We have had several issues with Lenonvo Desktops with the below problems :
    After registering it would freeze at starting cmain()
    - Exit BIOS type is GRUB and EXIT EFI type is EXIT
    Image is Windows 10 64bit
    There is no USB’s in (including mouse and keyboard)
    Secure boot turned off in BIOS
    PXE boot enabled
    And startup boot options are NIC first, UEFI boot

    Please help with this as this is a great imaging server. Please and thank you.

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    @Draco0068 Ok from the picture this system is in bios mode? So is it currently setup in bios (legacy) or uefi mode?

    I don’t see the error in your OP. I’m just trying to make sure we are talking about the same error. I see the sanboot doesn’t work as expected.

    Looking at the specs for this M700 does it have a sata hard drive or a m.2 drive?

  • @george1421 and it freezes here

  • 0_1492205155270_Error.jpg
    I went ahead and did what you said and this is what I got

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    Would you please post a clear screen shot of the error taken with a mobile phone/camera so we can see the context of the error.

    Exit BIOS type is GRUB and EXIT EFI type is EXIT
    Typically BIOS Exit would be sanboot and UEFI would be rEFInd for best success.