Operating system not found after imaging computers

  • We’re trying to create one image to go to 85 Lenovo T420 laptops. Every time I download the image to a new machine, it won’t boot up. I get a “operating system not found” error. Can someone help? I’m really confused.

  • Having the same issue here as well. I will keep you posted. Thanks!

  • Another useful bit of information would be the type of image you’re using: is it single partition, or multi partition? Lots of users report issues when trying to create a single partition image with Windows 7.

  • Cyrus:

    Any luck? As Steve Ropiak mentioned, the partitions are good first place to look. How is the disk partitioned? How have you defined your image?

    I haven’t had any issues imaging Lenovo laptops.


  • Is it Windows 7? Win 7 gets a little funky with the way it partitions the disk. There are a number of excellent posts and articles here about how to deploy Win 7 with Fog. Have you checked those out? We just deployed Win 7 to 125 lab computers with Fog and it went really well.

  • I should also mention that it’s a brand new install of FOG on a Ubuntu computer. FOG version is 0.32.