SOLVED 1.4.0 rc1 not displaying logins for specified user when report ran.

  • Kind of two fold here, but when running report on login history…the first page asks for either login name or hostname. When I enter a particular username, the next screen prompts with pre-filled dates (which I assume is the last known login for that user). If I just go with the default dates…the returned report shows all users that logged in on that date, or during range (if changed). It’s not actually carrying over the username to search against as well it seems.

    The second part concerns the pushbullet notification when a user fails logon, I would like to know which hostname/ ip that user is attempting to login from…(if already registered, if not then maybe just the ip address)

  • @Hanz Login history has not been removed at all.

  • @Tom-Elliott Just a question, hoping it was something I could possibly easily (add) to my own setup. Not a huge issue at all. Login history has been removed in RC-6, is it coming back ?

  • @Hanz You second part is a feature request, not a reason to solve/unsolve this posting.

    While that can be added relatively simply, isn’t it just enough to know that somebody, somewhere, is trying to access? Getting the remote address is simple, but not necessarily accurate (though should be enough regardless of reliability of the information.)

  • @Tom-Elliott thank you sir… you got anything for the second part my man?

  • RC 6 Buja 🙂

  • This should be fully addressed in 1.4.0-RC-5 though I will admit some functionality people were used to has been lost. I do plan to add it back, but in a different form.

  • RC 4 is out, try that?