UNSOLVED FOG Donate not working?

  • I am on version 1.3.5 SVN Revision: 6067 and the FOG Donate Feature is not working.

    Is this still active or in use? It is no longer worth it?

    After the PXE Boot it starts with “checking in to server” then, after a few seconds sth. with “turning screen off” appears, but the screen in still active with a “-” blinking in top left corner. And after a few seconds the system reboots.

    Anyone who can confirm this?

    Thank you!

  • @Tom-Elliott I vote to just remove the donate feature.

  • thank you Wayne! Yes, i know about the ASIC Modules 😉

    Okay then i will skip this feature!

  • I’ve never tried using this, and you’re the only person I’ve seen ask about it.

    Cryptocurency hardware has made leaps and bounds forward, there are ASIC devices now that can hash at light speeds compared to how fast traditional CPUs can hash - because they are ASIC (application specific integrated circuitry).

    In my opinion, it wouldn’t be worth it anymore. Donating to the FOG Project is best done via hard cash.