• Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.5 (downloaded from main site)
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Service Version: Windows
    • OS: 7

    Hi i’m using fog in virtualbox. I use ubuntu 14.04 where i have installed fog. I have made ip setting to manual and after that i putted server to internal network. When i try to deploy image from my another vm i get error. I can access to PXE boot and i and can also register the host and when i go to my server management i can see that vm in host management. I also have edited host so it’s poiting to the win7 image what i hava made. When i press deploy image and restart vm, it is creating task. But after few second it’s getting this error.
    after i let it reboot it coming to this over and over

    Ubuntu and fog are both fresh installs. I also syspreped the win7. I really dont’ know if if have right Images Objects when creating the image(does it have big difference…?)

  • The “permanent” fix for the virtual box issue is to use the ipxe.pxe boot file.

  • The “permanent” fix for the virtual box issue is to use the ipxe.pxe boot file.

  • Moderator

    For the first error, can you run the following command on the fog server from the linux command line: showmount -e

    The second error, I get this too with virtual box. Power off the virtual machine and then reboot it, it will pull a dhcp address again. There seems to be a bug in virtual box some times.