• Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.5
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04
    • Service Version:
    • OS:

    Creating new image with SSD, setup capture task, boot to pxe, partclone screen appears and then goes to the black screen with the Partclone fail, please check /var/log/partclone.log. I can’t find a partclone.log file. I did verify the server had plenty of space. Any thoughts or suggestions to get more detail as to what is causing the problem?

  • @george1421
    from information on the other topics that match this new error that you showed me how to find, i was able to boot back into windows use diskpart and chkdsk to mark the hidden system drive as clean, sysprep again, and then the image capture went through. Thanks for the help. 🙂

  • After doing that I get the message “fatclone.c: Filesystem isn’t in valid state. May be it is not cleanly mounted.”

  • Moderator

    the error is a little deceiving. The path provided is relative to the FOS Engine (highly customized version of linux that captures and deploys images on the target system).

    Setup a capture again, but this time select the debug checkbox before you submit the capture task. Then pxe boot the client, you will see several pages of commands that you need to pass by pressing enter. This will drop you to a linux command prompt.

    At the FOS command prompt key in fog You will need to press enter at each break point, but get to the point where partclone throws the error and then press ctrl-c to exit out of the installer script. From there you can tail /var/log/partclone.log (on the FOS engine). That will give us a better understanding of the issue.