HP ProDesk 600 G2 SFF P5U69UT Windows 10 64bit

  • I’m able to capture a Windows 10 image for this system but when I deploy it, the system boots to the recovery screen, error 0xc0000225. Anyone see this or have any ideas? Here are my specs:

    FOG version 1.3.5 RC-10
    Kernel version: 4.9.11

  • Moderator

    Please first update to the official 1.3.5. Soooo many changes happened in the RCs of 1.3.5 and it’s very likely that you have a bum image just because you’re on a broken RC version.

    Second, are you deploying to the same model of system & same size HDD with the exact same hardware components?

    Are you sysprepping?

    Are both systems configured to operate in the same mode, i.e. both in legacy mode or both in UEFI mode?

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