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  • Hi Guys, im having the same issues as the referred post. Getting the “Please enter TFTP-Server:”-Prompt from time to time on different computers, without seeing any typical behavior. I just looked at the network by capturing packets with tcpdump to ensure that there isn’t any rouge dhcp-server or service on this network.

    I also provide you my .pcap-File i recorded,0_1491547288376_output.pcap, like mentioned from ‘george1421’ in the referred post.

    Can anyone say how is it possible that this “Please enter TFTP-Server”-Prompt shows up? Im really confused about the situation because i dont know where to look for the problem now.

    Re: FOG 1.3.0 - SVN 6050 - "Please enter tftp server:"##### Server

    • FOG Version: 1.3.5
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04

    Re: FOG 1.3.0 - SVN 6050 - "Please enter tftp server:"

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    Looking at your pcap file I would say you have 2 dhcp servers on your network (not a good option).

    One is and one is appears to be a router that is passing out an IP address but no pxe boot information. is passing out a client address of to the client. appears to be (maybe) a fog server running either dnsmasq or isc-dhcp server (probably). is passing out a client address of to the client. is sending out a boot file of undionly.kkpxe with a next server of

    This seems to be confusing the clients because one time they accept the IP address of the router and sometimes they accept the ip address from fog (which is not providing enough information, but does provide pxe booting information).

    Course of action:

    1. Disable the isc dhcp server on the FOG server.
    2. Install DNSMASQ to provide the pxe boot information without providing a ip address to the client.

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