image store corrupt unable to locate mbr

  • Running Version 1.4.0-RC-1
    SVN Revision: 6069

    • OS: Ubutu
    • Service Version:
    • OS: Windows 10


    I am having an issue with the deploying an image on a Toshiba laptop it seems to corrupt my image

    image store corrupt unable to locate mbr

    I have able to deploy successfully this image to other machines prior this one but now getting this message. When I look at the image on the fog server it now says 0.0 bytes but before this error started, it said 149.5 GB


    Now When I try to deploy this image on a different machine other the Toshiba it works just fine…, And now the image does not say 0.0 bytes but now back to the original image.

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    @cnkpadobi well that is sure one way to fix the issue!! Thank you for the clarity.

  • @george1421 Pull the 500GB out of the computer

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    @cnkpadobi So how did you resolve this?

  • Got this resolved… Thank you

  • @george1421

    No did not know it had to 2 disks on one show up in the UEFI bios… which is the SSD 256. My image does not have multi-disk but just has two partition.


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    @cnkpadobi Well… This is an interesting device you have there…

    According to lsblk that device has 3 hard drives. Well 2 and the flash drive.

    /dev/sda = 250GB disk
    /dev/sdb = 16GB disk (flash drive)
    /dev/sdc = 500GB disk

    Is it safe to assume this is your intent to have a computer with 2 physical hard drives?

    Does your image contain multiple disks?

  • 0_1491508694052_rsz_20170406_125312.jpg


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    @cnkpadobi Its possible if the toshiba sees the flash drive as a hard drive.

    One way to get an answer is to setup a debug deploy. Just do a normal deployment to that computer but before you schedule the job select the debug check box, then pxe boot the target computer…

    Wait you are using a usb drive to boot FOS. Do you have a menu item #6 it was like a debug boot? If you do select that and that will drop you to a command prompt on the target computer. Once at a command prompt key in df -h and lsblk and post the results here. That will tell what FOS thinks its seeing for local storage.

  • Hmmm so how would it point to the d2.mbr instead of the d1. I am deploying it now on the new machine… Would that have something to do with the flash drive fos?

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    The thing that sticks out here, is that FOG is trying to deploy to disk 2 (d2) instead of disk 1.

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