• We’ve recently segmented our network in to subnets/VLANs and have centralized our DHCP server. I’ve been using FOG as a standalone imaging platform for a while now but would like to incorporate it into the network. I’ve done fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04/Fog 0.32 and followed the directions on setting up dnsmasq from the wiki ([FONT=LucidaGrande][url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Using_FOG_with_an_unmodifiable_DHCP_server/_Using_FOG_with_no_DHCP_server[/url]). [/FONT]I was able to PXE boot the test machine and schedule an upload, but when I restart the machine to push the image back to the server I run into an error. It fails to mount the NFS volume to store the image. I’ve looked through the forums and tried the touch method (suggested to fix issues with the image location) and almost anything else I could find. I was able to mount the share on my desktop…

    This is the error:

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    I would greatly appreciate any help in resolving the issue.



  • I found the issue! We had a small managed switch between the fog server and the station that we had missed during the network change over. I through a fog vm on a test box and ran the standard install with dhcp server just to to see and I ran into the same issue, which pointed me to a network not server issue. As soon as I biased the switch, voila mounted the volume. I just imaged one of our high school labs this morning across the subent. Thank you for your help, I appreciate your responses.

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    Can you post the contents of your /etc/exports, make sure to put it inside the CODE tags.

  • It did change addresses and I ran into issues so I decided to start over and start from scratch hoping that it would resolve the issue.

    We’ve segmented the network into a network. Right now the Fog server and test machine are on the same segment 10.65.24.x - 10.65.31.x. The Fog server is setting on and our DHCP range is 10.65.26.x the station does grab an IP and boot but fails to mount. I’ve tested PXE booting across the subnets and that is working well, but the darn thing just won’t mount the NFS share. Is there a log file that I might check for errors to help trouble shoot? I really appreciate your reply. Right now I’m out of ideas.

    Thanks again.

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    Did your Fog server change IP addresses during all this network updates? Does it work from a computer connected to the same switch/subnet/vlan as the Fog server? What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?