• Hi all,

    This might be a really dumb question, apologies if so.

    How does one upgrade to 1.4.x from 1.3.5? I have searched the forums, the web site, the news announcements and the sourceforge page, and nowhere does it say how to actually get 1.4.x Fog.

    Normally, I use the svn checkout option. Does this no longer work?


    Edit: I normally checkout the trunk, which would always get me the latest 1.3.x release. Has this changed?

  • No worries guys, thanks for the clarification. As long as that is clearly listed somewhere that should be fine. Would it be worth including a small note in each release announcement along the lines of “To download this release via Git, refer to wiki instructions here <link to relevant wiki page>” ?

  • That’s the point. @Wayne-Workman

    @mr626 While sourceforge is listed, I try to keep the readme.md file updated for the stable point, even if I’m in RC’s as it’s really easy to forget to update that particular file.

    Sourceforge is no longer the “primary” development point of reference, it will only be used to host 1.X.X full releases anymore. Just trying to help clarify. Git is just easier to manage particularly with its use of branches and forks. So I’ve moved to using git more exclusively than with SVN. Tie all that in with sourceforge not always being as reliable as Github is and I think you may understand the reason for the switch.

  • @mr626 Also keep in mind - 1.4 isn’t released yet. It’s still in release candidate. So therefore not available on sourceforge yet.

  • @mr626 Thanks for pointing that out, it needs changed.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Thanks for that, so I just need to start using git instead. Cool. I was confused, because even on the Fog page on Git it still refers to using svn as well:


  • @mr626 said in How to upgrade to 1.4.x?:

    I normally checkout the trunk, which would always get me the latest 1.3.x release. Has this changed?

    That hasn’t changed. But I would recommend that you use git instead of svn. FOG’s git repository is in github. FOG’s subversion repository is in SourceForge - and sourceforge is less than reliable and is getting a pretty bad reputation.

    In the upgrade to trunk article in the wiki here I’ve completely removed the svn steps to discourage people from using the sourceforge repo.