Server IP address for client

  • I currently have a a storage node/Master node setup at 2 locations. I’d like to include the fog client in my image.
    What IP would I set when installing it, the Master Nodes IP, or the storage nodes?
    Does it matter if its on separate IP ranges? (storage node 192.68.x.x with master being 10.0.x.x)

    My dhcp settings currently point to the node as the bootable server, and all is working well.

    Also, how often does the master node replicate its image/images to a storage node? I saw it do it the first time, but I check my bandwidth graph on my master node, and it appears to be doing a large amount of traffic via transmit every so often.

    Thank you for the questions you’ve answered for me so far. The work you do is very appreciated by many.

  • My advice is don’t use IP addresses. Use the hostname of the main fog server - it’s easy to change a DNS record on your DNS server. Not so easy to change the IP address of thousands of clients.

    Here is information on replication:

  • If your Separate lans can cross communicate, then no it shouldn’t matter.

    If they cannot cross-communicate, then you would need to make sure clients within the same range of the FOG Storage node are set to look at the storage node.

    Ultimately, any node or server can act as the “point” for the FOG client.

    If you’re doing multiple just because, please copy the snapins/ssl folder to all of your storage node’s as well first.