SOLVED Could Fog be handing out DNS info on my Server 2012 R2 network?

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.0-RC5
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04

    This may have nothing to do with Fog, but for some reason when we run an ipconfig /all on our Windows workstation, the ip address of our Fog server is showing up as a DNS server. We have DCHP disabled on our Fog server. I’m just curious if anyone had ever experienced this before. It could be an issue with our server (Server 2012 R2).

    Thanks! Feel free to remove this topic if you feel it’s not a Fog issue.

  • Fog was listed as DNS server. We figured out the problem. Someone had entered the address of the Fog machine as a DNS server in IPv4 properties on the workstation. User error, totally unrelated to Fog. Please close or delete this topic. Thanks!

  • You see the fogserver AS a DNS Address or a DNS Server?

    DNS is not handled by DHCP. Though most people put DNS and DHCP on the same system.