• Hello guys I have configure FOG as instruct by TOM and its was working fine previously but what my problem is mention below

    1. I have install FOG on vmware workstation 8 and its working fantastic with other hosts on same VM
      means I can able to register host and deploy images etc… but In other host ie base system (fresh new system) its not working I mean we facing problem at DHCP. all setting on that new box is enable like pxe boot n all I am sharing my dhcp details with you. We have another server for pxe boot I have copy all the dhcp setting from that server and paste into my new fog dhcp server Tom please suggest me what to do now
  • Moderator

    I’m sorry your post isn’t clear. This is what I think I read.

    “We had fog setup in a test environment running on vmware workstation 8”

    “We setup a new FOG server with the same settings of the test environment.”

    The “we have another server for pxe boot” and “paste into my new fog dhcp server” are confusing.

    I have some questions back to you.

    1. I your test fog server (running on vmware workstation) on the same subnet (network) as your new FOG server?
    2. On your network where your new fog server is installed, does that network already have a dhcp server installed?

    We really need to know about your network to be able to help you.
    On the network where new fog server is installed is FOG acting as the dhcp and dns servers?