• Ok so in the GUI say the hostname is 12345 because thats how we manually registered them. Can I use the client to update the hostname in the GUI from whats on the machine? so 12345 turns into 12345-abcde?

    I know I could remove them and wait for them to show as pending hosts, but that isnt practical with 3000 hosts, then having to reassign snapins to those hosts.


  • @adukes40 I don’t know how you guys do it where you are but… I’ll elaborate on my experiences with imaging 2k boxes in a summer for over a dozen locations…

    The shipment of systems came in all to one building. We inventoried all of the systems at this building & then reboxed them - and created separated stacks for which ones go to what building.

    The stacks were then transported to their pre-determined building. Once there, they were unboxed fully - and smaller stacks were made for what rooms they went into.

    These stacks of computers were registered with “Full Host Registration” and given their correct name (part of the name included the building, the room they were in, part of the asset tag, the type of system it was, etc) and imaged.

    Once the imaging process was started; keyboard mouse & monitor were removed and plugged into the next. We monitored progress in the fog web interface, in Task Management & intervened if there were problems. Systems fully imaged, joined to the domain 100%. When all was done, we’d connect monitor, keyboard, and mouse to shutdown the system (because we set the power button to do nothing because kids are brats).

    It was quite graceful a process. Systems queued up and waited for imaging - one centralized fog server was orchestrating everything from a central location - all locations were using their local storage nodes & we were using the location plugin.

  • @Tom-Elliott I was afraid of that, thanks Tom.

  • No. Updating is currently a manual process.