• I am having issues trying to get a NuVision (Model: TM101W625L) tablet PXE booting. I have tried two different USB NICs but neither works. The USB NIC indicator lights indicates that it fails to provide a successful network connection until after the OS loads.

    Aptio BIOS version 2.17.1249

    I know that devices are very picky in regards to the USB NICs when PXE booting. I have reached out to the NuVision support, but they didn’t have any idea what I was talking about. Does anyone have a recommended USB NIC device or any advice?

    Thank you very much!

  • @drc0nc Thanks! Definitely worth a shot for $11

  • I’ve found that using a USB to Ethernet device with the ASIX AX88772B chip works. This was after a few different adapters didn’t want to initialize on time.
    This is the specific adapter I use for my HP Stream 11 Pro’s. Amazon.com Ableconn USB2E100B.
    I also had to make sure to boot using ipxe.efi

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    @username if you have to go down the iPXE route, I can help you with that. Just let me know.

  • @george1421 Thanks – I was a little afraid of that. It is UEFI and there is no legacy mode setting. I guess I was hoping for some magic! I’ll try contact the manufacturer again one more time (hopefully speaking to someone else). I’ll also explore the iPXE option…thank you for that tip.

    Thank you all for your help!

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    @username If these are a uefi based, you have to get a compatible network adapter that the firmware supports. This information can only come from the manufacturer.

    If you can’t get that information or they do not support pxe booting in uefi mode we still have options.

    1. Load iPXE onto a usb flash drive and boot via usb into the FOG iPXE menu
    2. Load FOS onto a usb flash drive and boot via usb directly into FOS.

  • Yes – in Boot Options, I have “USB LAN” set to the first boot order priority.

  • Is there such a thing in the BIOS to enable PXE booting?